Zen dojo Kusala Praha


Wholesome, skillful, good, meritorious. An action characterized by this moral quality (kusala kamma) is bound to result (eventually) in happiness and a favorable outcome. Actions characterized by its opposite (akusala kamma) lead to sorrow.

Dojo schedule

Regular schedule

Zazen Tuesday 6:30
Zazen Thursday 6:30
Suizen Friday 6:30
Dojo is open 20 minutes before zazen or suizen starts.

By request

If you are interested in other times, please contact us.

How to reach Zen Dojo Kusala

Dojo is located at the following address:

Blanická 17
120 00 Praha 2

Before your first visit please contact Mark Shimada.
: +420 730 135 122
: shimadamark@gmail.com

People behind Kusala dojo

Mark Doko Shimada

Buddhist Chaplain

Mark is takes care of morning zazen meditations.

Vít Rozkovec

Vít takes care of morning zazen and suizen meditations.

Why meditate?

There are many answers that one can find. Answers can come from research, from a book, or even from someone we know and trust. The true answers, and there are many, can only come from one's own experience, from one's personal experience of trying and doing meditation. This is one reason why it meditation is called a practice, because we return again and again to the cushion to discover and realize something that can come from only our own lives, from the experience of oneself.

In the beginning an inner voice whispers and invites us to meditate. In time, we discover the hidden treasures of the simple gesture, to sit and return to the breath. With a little faith and patience, we quiet the mind and our whole bodies to realize something within ourselves that cannot be given to us in any other way. In this way, we realize the gift of our precious life for ourselves, and most importantly, for the benefit of others.

What is suizen?

Meditation based on the same principles as zazen meditation, with the difference of using japanese bamboo flute shakuhachi as a meditation tool in suizen ('sui' - breath).